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How Flatio works and why it pays off

How does Flatio work?
In this article, you can find a simple summary of the Flatio renting process. Learn all you need to know before listing your property!
What are the advantages of renting out my property through Flatio?
What benefits and securities do you have available when renting your properties via Flatio? See the overview and comparison to other rental…
How much can I earn by renting my property through Flatio?
In this article, you can learn how to find out your possible earnings while renting via Flatio, with transparent calculations available.
How much does it cost to list my rental property on Flatio?
Curious how Flatio varies from other rental platforms? In this article, you can learn about our commission system and how it all works.
What is the commission fee and why should I pay it?
A small commission for our service is deducted from rental payments. Below, you can learn what services and securities you receive in exchange…
Can I list my property that is not in a destination displayed on Flatio?
Flatio is an international platform from all around the world. Not in your area? Check out how to change it and get more tenants for your…
Are Flatio listings exclusive or can I list my property on other platforms as well?
We don't limit your advertisements in any way. In this article, you can learn about Flatio's non-exclusivity regarding other rental platforms.…
Can I combine Flatio rentals with short-term rentals?
Is Flatio non-exclusive? What if you also want to do short-term rentals outside Flatio? Are there any automatic solutions? Find out in this…
Are Flatio rentals regulated?
What do Flatio's rental regulations focus on? How does the taxing work and what are the laws? Find out the basics in this article.
I have several accommodations for rent. Can I list them on Flatio at the same time?
Want to know how to add 15+ properties at once or how to fill out our bulk import table? This article explains all the details of the…
Are my property and money safe with Flatio?
Flatio covers you in many ways. In this article, you can read more about how we protect your properties, your money, and your peace of mind.
How soon will I get a tenant after my property listing is published?
Wonder how fast after publishing your listing you can receive your first booking or what factors affect it? Check out this article!
What occupancy rate do properties usually achieve on Flatio?
The occupancy rate depends on the attractiveness of your listing, with price being the most important factor. Find more guidance below.
Daniela from helpdesk
The option to rent out your property on a monthly basis through Flatio adds to its appeal for tenants, particularly for digital nomads seeking flexible accommodations.
Will there be gaps between leases?
Wonder if you could have your property unoccupied for a couple of days or how to minimize these situations? Check out our insights below.…
Who is a typical Flatio tenant?
Which tenant types does Flatio accommodate and what is their ratio? Check out our up-to-date information in this article!
Are tenants on Flatio verified?
In this article, you can learn what methods Flatio uses to verify tenants who make a reservation request on any property listed on Flatio.
Can a tenant visit an accommodation listed on Flatio in person?
Not sure what to do if a tenant contacts you with a personal property tour request? Find out how it can be handled and minimized!
Does Flatio provide me with a lease agreement?
Curious how it works with lease agreements and how the leases are concluded? Check out this article, where you can also view the lease…
How does the lease signing process work on Flatio?
Wonder how the lease signing process works on Flatio for both contractual sides? Check out this article to learn all the details!
Who's responsible for complying with the terms and conditions described in the lease agreement?
Learn who signs the lease, who is responsible for fulfilling all given obligations, and what should be done if any rule gets broken.
What are the benefits for tenants who rent through Flatio?
In this article, you can find out what tenants appreciate the most about Flatio, and why they often prefer Flatio before other rental…
When can a landlord ask Flatio for help?
Our Customer Care team is available every day. See what they can and cannot help you with, and learn in what cases they might get in touch…
How can I contact Flatio?
This article will tell you about the basic ways how to contact Flatio's Customer Care team, and directly guide you on the possible options.
It is possible to contact Flatio’s Customer Care team via WhatsApp as well?
Read this article to understand how our WhatsApp number works in detail, and to see the number you can use for WhatsApp chats with our support…
Have there been any scammer tenants on Flatio? How to recognize them and deal with them?
Read about Flatio's practices for avoiding scammer tenants, how you can recognize them yourself, and what can be done when you suspect a…

How to start advertising on Flatio

I want to list a property on Flatio. What should it look like?
What basic equipment/amenities must be available in your property? Use this article to understand what your property should provide at all…
How do I list my property on Flatio?
In this article, you can learn how to start the journey of renting your property via Flatio. Check out how the first steps work!
Guide to listing a property on Flatio
Not sure how to start advertising on Flatio? See our simple guide that will lead you through the whole onboarding process!
What is the My Rentals web app for?
This article will help you understand how the My Rentals web app serves you, what you can use it for, and why it's important.
Radim, CEO
Our Rental Insurance plan goes beyond just property coverage. Our partner AXA offers a range of assistance services to make your life as a landlord easier. You’ll also have their 24/7 online support, which ensures you get help with emergency situations whenever you need it.
How can I start advertising my first rental?
Not sure what to do after creating your profile on Flatio? Read this article to understand what has to be done before your listing can be…
How can I turn the advertising of my rental on/off?
Do you need a break from renting your property? Learn how to easily turn your advertisement on and off without deleting your whole progress.
Can I look for tenants now if the property isn’t available until a few months from now?
Read this article to understand how searching for tenants in advance works, and to learn about property availability settings.

How to attract the tenants

What should my property listing description say?
Don't know what to write into the property description? See this article to learn what interests potential tenants the most!
What furniture and equipment does Flatio require properties to provide?
Which equipment/amenities must be available in your property? Use this article to understand what your property needs to provide at all times.…
Do I need high-quality photos on my Flatio listing?
Photos are one of the most crucial parts of your property advertisement. See our basic suggestions on how to take them properly!
Can I limit the number of people that will live in my property?
What if you don't want to use your property's maximum capacity and prefer accommodating fewer tenants instead? Learn how to set the…
Is it possible to set the minimum or maximum duration of the lease?
Do you have any preferences regarding the reservations' length? Read this article to understand where and how you can set this in your profile…
How to update your calendar availability
Understand the importance of keeping your calendar up-to-date, and read all about the manual and automatic solutions of the availability…
Radim, CEO
Our Rental Insurance plan goes beyond just property coverage. Our partner AXA offers a range of assistance services to make your life as a landlord easier. You’ll also have their 24/7 online support, which ensures you get help with emergency situations whenever you need it.
There are no booking requests. What should I do?
Not receiving as many bookings as you'd want? Here's our guidance on how to improve your listing so it attracts more tenants!
In what language(s) should I enter the property description?
Read this article to see our recommendations for property description language variants and what happens if you don't use all language options…
How does a property become a "Top Pick"?
Learn all about our "Top Pick" label, including the conditions a listing must meet before we consider it for this special promotion.
What do I write in my description of myself?
Wonder why you should share some information about yourself or what could be mentioned in this introduction? See our guidance!
Which labels can I get as a Flatio landlord?
Are you curious about our landlord labels, what they represent, and how you can get them? See this article to learn it all!
Can I list also rooms within the apartment I've already inserted?
In this article, you can learn how to advertise the whole property and its separate rooms at the same time, while keeping the calendars up-to…


I have received a reservation request. What should I do?
What happens when you receive a new reservation, how to accept/reject it, and what else should you know? Read all about the reservation…
What happens after the booking request is accepted?
Learn how the lease signing process works, when the lease becomes officially valid, and what you can do if a tenant doesn't sign it in time.
Can I contact the potential tenant before accepting a reservation?
Do you need additional information from a potential tenant before you can decide about their reservation request? See how you can contact them…
Radim, CEO
For additional coverage, choose our Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA! It's an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, designed exclusively for Flatio landlords.
Can I decline a reservation request? How does the 3 Rejections Rule work?
This article serves for a complete understanding of our rejection policies. See how we categorize them and what are their limitations.
Can I offer alternative terms to a potential tenant?
Did you receive a reservation request that doesn't completely suit you, so you'd like to propose another solution? Read how to handle this…
I wasn't able to accept/decline the reservation within the 24-hour deadline. What should I do?
In this article, you can learn what you can do if you don't manage to react within the 24-hour window and the request expires.

Lease agreement

Does Flatio provide a rental contract template or do I need my own?
In this article, you can find information about the lease agreement Flatio provides you with, and learn about its basic principles.
Who are the parties to the lease agreement?
Who are the two parties that can agree on any changes within the lease? This article can help you understand how the lease is set.
What language will a lease agreement with foreign tenants use?
Curious how Flato determines in what language(s) the lease will be created? Here, you can find out how it's done and what language options we…
What if a tenant does not sign the lease agreement or does not pay the first rent?
This article will lead you step-by-step through the process of lease cancelation, freeing your calendar for other, more serious tenants.
How do I create a lease agreement amendment?
Would you or your tenant like to officially state any special agreement on the lease? Learn how to do it and check out our templates!
Daniela from helpdesk
To provide you with the best experience, we add and update information in our Help Center on a daily basis.
How can I extend a lease agreement?
Extending a lease on Flatio couldn't be easier! Below, you can learn how you can easily do it through your profile in the My Rentals web app.
How can I shorten a lease agreement? (Termination guide)
This article contains detailed information about every available termination type. See in what situations they apply and how they can be…
Can either party terminate the lease agreement contract before it is scheduled to end? (Cancellation policy)
When and how can the lease be terminated, and what obligations are connected to it? Read all about such situations in this article.
Can a tenant withdraw from our lease agreement?
In this article, you can read about possible lease withdrawal types, when they are applicable, and how they should be handled.
Can I get a printed lease agreement?
Do you, for any reason, need a paper copy of the lease agreement, but don't know where to find it? See our guidance below!

Move in and move out of tenant

What must I remember to do when handing over a property?
From the preparation until the property handover - this article will lead you through the whole process of your tenant's move-in!
How to work with the Handover/Takeover Protocol?
Wonder where to find the protocol templates, how to handle them, or what processes are connected to them? Learn it all in this article!
Can I hand over my property to the tenant sooner or later than was stated in the rental agreement?
Wish to make any date changes within the lease? No problem! Below, you can find out all about the options for managing this adjustment.
The tenant hasn’t communicated with me before moving in. What should I do?
Do you have trouble reaching your tenant and are you worried they won't come to the property handover? See our guidance in this article.
Daniela from helpdesk
We understand how important it is to be able to trust the people who rent your accommodation. That’s why as a part of our StayProtection plan, we show you reviews of tenants who have previously rented accommodation through Flatio and you also get help with assessing tenant credibility. We're with you at every step!
The tenant did not come to the property handover. What should I do?
Even though these situations are extremely rare, here you can learn what should be done if a tenant doesn't show up to take over the property.…
How does the tenant move out?
Curious about what the move-out process should look like and what you should take care of? Use this article to understand it all!
Tenant has left a mess and/or other damage. What should I do?
Rental issues are every landlord's worry, but Flatio provides you with precautions. See how to avoid these problems or how to deal with them.


When do I get paid my rent?
Wonder how the payment schedule is set and when the rent will be sent to you? Use this article to understand all the details!
How much is the commission that Flatio charges for its services?
In this article, you can find out what commission Flatio charges for their services, when the fee varies, and how it's paid.
Where can I find a summary of all payments and commission fees?
Need invoices for the commission fee we have deducted from the rental payments? See where you can find all of them in one place!
Can tenants pay in cash?
Curious about the possibility of direct cash payments? Below, you can learn in what cases we allow this and how it all works.
Jitka from marketing
No worries at all if you need to amend, terminate, or extend your lease for any reason. Flatio makes it incredibly easy to do so directly from your profile!
The tenant didn't pay me on time. What should I do?
Even though these situations are very rare, this article will explain the basics of our precautions for when a tenant is late with paying the…
How do I add a new bank account and what should I do if it is declined?
Not sure how to correctly add a new bank account where we should send you the rent, or how to deal with a rejected one? Here we explain it all…
I added my bank account, but I don't get any rentals from leases. What should I do?
It's all about your profile settings! Learn how to solve this issue and as soon as it's fixed, the payment will finally go through.
Can Flatio send my rentals to different bank accounts?
Use this article to fully understand how you should set up your profile so you always receive the payments where you want them!


Can I list a property on Flatio even if I'm not the owner?
Not sure how it works when you're not the direct owner of the property? In this article, you can check out our legal…
Do Flatio rentals need to include local taxes and fees?
Find out how you can deal with local charges. Below, we share a detailed explanation of how it works in the Czech Republic.
How do I calculate the tax for my rental income on Flatio?
See how Flatio taxation works and where you can find your billing statements, with a specific detailed guide for Czech landlords.
Matěj from IT
Each time you refresh a page 500 hundred times, one of our IT guys becomes a sad rabbit. 🥺🐰
Do I have to register tenants at the Foreign Police?
Is a foreign tenant coming to your property and you're not certain what should be done? Learn how to legally proceed in this article!
Legal and tax analysis for Portuguese market
What are your obligations and what are their based on? Understand the legal background of renting properties in Portugal.
Legal and tax analysis for the Spanish market
All a landlord needs to know about renting properties in Spain! In this article, you can learn the complex legal background.

Coronavirus vs. Flatio

Cancelation policy in case of COVID-19 restrictions
In this article, you can learn all about Flatio's special cancelation policy in the most crucial times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Daniela from helpdesk
Did you know that our Rental Insurance - Powered by AXA covers a wide range of risks and damages? It includes protection against property damage, loss of future income, damage caused to others, assistance services such as pest control and household appliance repair, and much more!

How to set prices

How do I set the rental amount?
In this article, you can read a detailed guide for every price settings option Flatio offers. Learn how everything works!
Can I set different rental prices for different months?
Use this article about Flatio's advanced pricing options to understand how they all work in practice. Examples provided!
Can I set different rental prices based on the number of people in the apartment?
Not sure how to set your prices properly when you'd like to distinguish them by the number of people accommodated? See our guidance below.
Can I offer a better price for longer rentals?
Wondering about length-based discounts on Flatio? Below, you can find out what options we offer and how you can set them up.
Can I promote an exceptional discount?
Are you planning to decrease your price and do you want to promote this change so it doesn't get unnoticed? See how it can be managed!
Can I ask the tenant for a refundable deposit?
Curious about Flatio's deposit policies? Use this article to understand how the deposit can be set and what limitations apply.
Ondřej from marketing
Evaluate your tenant after they move out. There is nothing more valuable than honest feedback. It can help other landlords.
How does the deposit payment and settlement work?
When is the deposit paid, when does Flatio send it to you, and what's the process of its billing and settlement? Here, you can learn it all!
The tenant hasn't paid the refundable deposit I set in My Rentals. What should I do?
In this article, you can find out your rights in case your tenant doesn't pay the refundable deposit, as long as it's correctly set in your…
How does the price synchronization via a channel manager work?
Wish to synchronize your rental prices set on Smily (formerly BookingSync) or ICNEA? See this guide on how it can be managed!
Smily (BookingSync): When and how are imported prices applied to reservations?
Which prices are prioritized - the ones set on Flatio, or the imported ones? This article will explain it all, with practical examples…
ICNEA: When and how are imported prices applied to reservations?
Which prices are prioritized - the ones set on Flatio, or the imported ones? This article will explain it all, with practical examples…

StayProtection for landlords

What does StayProtection for Landlords include?
In this article, you can find out what security services you have at your fingertips thanks to Flatio's exclusive landlord protection!
Are all landlords protected by Flatio? What if a deposit is collected?
Who is covered and how? Learn what happens if you collect a deposit, and what's the difference between Flatio's insurance and deposit coverage…
What is Rental Insurance - Powered by AXA and who can use it?
Who is Flatio's Rental Insurance for, and when can it be applied? See the basic information and a comparison with other platforms' coverages!
What does Flatio's Rental Insurance cover and what is excluded?
This article serves for a complete understanding of what the Rental Insurance covers or not. Practical examples provided!
Jitka from marketing
We offer a lawyer-approved lease agreement translated into multiple languages that comply with all local laws and regulations, so you can embark on your rental journey with confidence as a responsible landlord who values legality and fairness.
How does Rental Insurance work with home and property insurance?
Wonder about the differences between rental and other insurance types? See how they work together and what each one covers!
How can I claim Rental Insurance?
Want to know where to find AXA's contact information or how to fill out the online form for claims? Learn all Rental Insurance claiming…
What can I use the 24/7 emergency line for?
Who provides you with the 24/7 emergency line, how does it work, and what can it be used for? Find all these details below!