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Move in and move out of tenant

What must I remember to do when handing over a property?
From the preparation until the property handover - this article will lead you through the whole process of your tenant's move-in!
How to work with the Handover/Takeover Protocol?
Wonder where to find the protocol templates, how to handle them, or what processes are connected to them? Learn it all in this article!
Can I hand over my property to the tenant sooner or later than was stated in the rental agreement?
Wish to make any date changes within the lease? No problem! Below, you can find out all about the options for managing this adjustment.
The tenant hasn’t communicated with me before moving in. What should I do?
Do you have trouble reaching your tenant and are you worried they won't come to the property handover? See our guidance in this article.
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The tenant did not come to the property handover. What should I do?
Even though these situations are extremely rare, here you can learn what should be done if a tenant doesn't show up to take over the property.…
What should I do if the tenant doesn’t have a valid lease on the move-in date?
Not sure whether you should accommodate a tenant without the lease signing process being finalized? See how you should proceed to avoid any…
How does the tenant move out?
Curious about what the move-out process should look like and what you should take care of? Use this article to understand it all!
Tenant has left a mess and/or other damage. What should I do?
Rental issues are every landlord's worry, but Flatio provides you with precautions. See how to avoid these problems or how to deal with them.