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Join our Nomad Inspectors Club

Are you a digital nomad who lives and breathes this lifestyle? Are you passionate about sharing your experiences with other people who want to try or maintain this lifestyle? Do you love the idea of creating content and being rewarded for it? Does the idea of belonging to an exclusive club with like-minded people excite you? If you answered yes to these questions, we’d like to invite you to join our “Nomad Inspectors Club”!

What kind of club is this? You may ask.

Well… It’s a club that brings together digital nomad influencers, including digital nomads, digital nomad experts and consultants, authors writing about digital nomadism, etc. As "inspectors”, they stay at accommodations listed on Flatio, inspect them, and award them the "Nomad-Verified" badge if they're suitable for remote work. This helps other digital nomads looking to rent through Flatio make an informed decision and choose a place where they can be productive and relax with the utmost comfort.


Want to learn more about the badge and the club? Then let's dive in!

What’s the "Nomad-Verified" badge?
It's a badge (label) given to properties that have been verified as suitable for remote work in terms of Wi-Fi speed, workspace, location, etc. The members of the “Nomad Inspectors Club” are the ones who inspect a property and award the "Nomad-Verified" badge.
Where is the badge displayed?
It's displayed on the listing page of the “Nomad-Verified” property.
Why are inspectors "digital nomads" or "digital nomad experts"?
Digital nomads make up the majority of tenants who rent through Flatio. That's why we partner with inspectors who are intimately familiar with the digital nomad lifestyle and the unique needs of tenants who work remotely.
What are the advantages of the "Nomad-Verified" badge for digital nomads?
It helps digital nomads looking to rent through Flatio make an informed decision and choose an accommodation that meets all their remote work requirements and other unique lifestyle needs, such as a place to meditate or exercise.
What are the advantages of the "Nomad-Verified" badge for landlords?

Their properties will be highlighted as one of our “Nomad-Verified” listings, which means more potential leads and tenants for them.

In addition, their accommodation will receive more promotion and visibility than other listings because the “Nomad Inspector” staying at their property will create a series of photo and video content about their experience.

This content is shared on the social media accounts of Flatio and the "Nomad Inspector". All created content will be available on the listing until the badge is valid.

All of this helps them gain the trust of more digital nomads, who tend to be professional, well-paying tenants, spend less time answering questions from potential tenants before they move in, and run a more efficient rental business.

What kind of content do the "Nomad Inspectors" need to create and publish?

We require our partner "Nomad Inspectors" to create and publish the following content on their social media:

  • A 1-minute video about the property and their experience with a mention of the “Nomad Inspectors Club” and how Flatio arranged their stay
  • A video walkthrough of the property
  • 5 posts and 10 stories tagging Flatio and using the #myflatioroutine

Note: The "Nomad Inspectors" are required to create this content during their stay, but they're only asked to post it on social media if they consider the property to be "Nomad-Verified".

What do "Nomad Inspectors" receive in return for inspecting a property?

We treat "Nomad Inspectors" as special tenants invited by Flatio to inspect various listings as part of our partnership with them. So their stay is on us. This means they can explore new places or rediscover the places they've already been to without having to pay rent.

Members of the club will receive a 20% discount on service fee when booking accommodation through Flatio in the future for their personal use, not as part of the partnership.

In addition, the visibility this partnership brings to "Nomad Inspectors" has the potential to bring them new visitors, users, customers, readers, business partners, etc.

Also, membership in the club offers them the opportunity to network with like-minded people who are experts in digital nomadism.

How long will a "Nomad Inspector" stay at a property?
The minimum length of stay is 3 nights, and landlords can set their own maximum length of stay.
What are the minimum requirements for a property to be considered "Nomad-Verified"?

1- A “stable” Wi-Fi connection with a minimum download speed of 30 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps.


  • This is the “real” Wi-Fi speed, not the one in the landlord’s contract with the service provider. Inspectors can check the "real" Wi-Fi speed on
  • A minimum download speed of 30 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps is usually sufficient for use by 1-2 people. We recommend that landlords set up an even faster Wi-Fi connection to make their property suitable for digital nomad families as well.
  • It’s advisable to measure the "real" Wi-Fi speed in the areas of the rental unit where digital nomads are supposed to work. If the router is far away from their workspace, for example, the Internet speed and quality can drop significantly.
  • "Nomad Inspectors" are encouraged to mention Wi-Fi speed in the content they create.

2- A dedicated workspace inside the flat (with a quality desk and office chair, enough space to work, good lighting, and a low noise level for concentrated work)

3- A spot for workout and meditation inside or outside the flat

4- Easy access to public transportation and places popular with digital nomads (such as co-working, cafes, gyms, and beaches)

How does the whole process work?
  • You apply to join our “Nomad Inspectors Club”.
  • We'll put you in touch with a landlord who has requested an inspection of their property to possibly receive the "Nomad Verified" badge.
  • After the arrangements have been made, you stay at their property and carefully check if it meets all the requirements to be considered "Nomad-Verified".
  • You inform us about the result.
  • If you classify the property as "Nomad-Verified", we add the corresponding badge to the listing.
  • You and Flatio will start posting the created content on social media to promote the property.
How can I apply to join the “Nomad Inspectors Club”?
All you have to do is fill out the application form. Then we'll contact you and discuss the next steps with you.
How many properties can I apply to inspect every year?
Currently, there is no limit to the number of properties you can apply to inspect as long as we both feel this partnership is mutually beneficial.
What is the minimum number of properties I must apply to inspect under this partnership?
You're required to inspect at least one property every 24 months. Otherwise, unfortunately, we'll have to cancel your membership in the club. After that you'll not be able to re-apply to join the club for six months.
Can both roomlords and landlords apply for the “Nomad-Verified” badge?
At the moment, only landlords who rent out an entire property (house, villa, flat, bungalow, etc.) and not just a private room can apply for this badge. However, in the future we plan to award this badge to private rooms as well.
How long is the “Nomad-Verified” badge valid?
18 months. After the badge expires, the landlord can apply again to have their property inspected and potentially verified again.
What can landlords do if they don't get the badge the first time?

Landlords should take into account the feedback from the "Nomad Inspector" who inspected their accommodation and improve the condition of the property (in terms of Wi-Fi and/or physical space) so that it meets the minimum requirements for remote work.

After they have made the improvements, they can apply again to have their property inspected and potentially verified.

To us, this sounds like a great opportunity not to be missed! How does it sound to you?

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We’d love to have you on board and help you get your shiny "Nomad-Verified" badge to attract more potential tenants!