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Слава Україні!
Discount for the citizens of Ukraine

Renting flats, houses, and rooms - Palmela

We are ready. 11 amazing offers are waiting for new tenants.
from  1 488  / 30 days
from  50  / day
All utilities included
from  2 850  / 30 days
from  95  / day
All utilities included
1 300  / 30 days
43  / day
All utilities included
2 350  / 30 days
78  / day
All utilities included
1 800  / 30 days
60  / day
All utilities included
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 7 800 user
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I will use Flatio in the future for sure
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Diego N.
He enjoyed 1 month in Lisbon
The ease of renting is the best.
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Ashwin S.
He enjoyed 4 months in Prague
It's easy to book and get a quick response from the landlords regarding if the accommodation is still available or not.
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Daniela S.
She enjoyed 1 month in São Martinho do Porto
Fast procedure and well-designed website.
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Thanh Nghia V.
He enjoyed 21 days in Prague
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Malinda C.
She enjoyed 17 days in Budapest
Really supportive, plenty of useful comms and really diligent with the contract and any changes if needed.
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Nina B.
She enjoyed 27 days in Colares
Perfect! Being able to find such a cool place to stay thanks to flatio.
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Diany Melisa J.
She enjoyed 6 days in Lisbon
Very good and timely.
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Sonia G.
She enjoyed 2 months in Prague
My friend and I were supposed to stay in this apartment from February untill June. Everything was perfect! The location, the apartment and the landlady (Martina) were very nice, we were very satisfied. If there was anything, we could always contact Martina and she would fix the problem. Unfortunatly the Corona virus meant that we had to return to our home country earlier than we would have liked. This was no problem at all with contracts or something. Martina helped us a lot with storing furnature and she even took us to the airport. Everything is awesom about this appartment, highly recommended!
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Arjan M.
He enjoyed 3 months in Prague
Very easy to use and reliable service.
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Alfred Soechan K.
He enjoyed 29 days in Prague
Everything is clear and easy to use
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Anastasiia P.
She enjoyed 15 days in Lisbon
They were very helpful during a tricky period for housing.
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John P.
He enjoyed 1 month in Queluz
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 7 800 user
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400  / 30 days
13  / day
All utilities included
350  / 30 days
12  / day
All utilities included
from  1 045  / 30 days
from  35  / day
All utilities included
from  2 450  / 30 days
from  82  / day
All utilities included
1 650  / 30 days
55  / day
All utilities included
7 500  / 30 days
250  / day
All utilities included