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Flatio in numbers

How is the medium-term accommodation doing?
And what numbers can Flatio ith.

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days of apartment tours saved
At Flatio, we provide virtual tours. It saves time which our customers, instead of travelling from one apartment to another, can spend with their families, hobbies or working.
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cases of not having to take off or put on shoes
This is the number of the virtual tours made by our medium-term accommodation customers.
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left in our customers' pockets
You do not pay deposits on Flatio, so the money is left in our customers‘ pockets. They can spend it in shops in the surroundings of the apartment.
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A4 paper sheets saved
Contracts on Flatio? Yes, but online, so no need for printers.
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saved by people who would previously book a hotel
Before Flatio, people would often book hotels, where they would live even for a couple of months. Now, thanks to the possibility of renting a whole apartment, they can save a lot.
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hours saved for tenants, landlords and various clerks
At Flatio, we do not worry about gas, electricity or water bills. Everything is included in the price.

Since the founding of Flatio
months of rent through Flatio
years of arranged accommodation
satisfied nationalities
cities in which we are active
the day when the contract is most often concluded
the day when the tenants most often move in