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Слава Україні!
Discount for the citizens of Ukraine

Renting flats, houses, and rooms - Peniche

We are ready. 14 amazing offers are waiting for new tenants.
from  1 710  / 30 days
from  57  / day
All utilities included
from  1 386  / 30 days
from  46  / day
All utilities included
from  1 400  / 30 days
from  47  / day
All utilities included
from  1 520  / 30 days
from  51  / day
All utilities included
from  903  / 30 days
from  30  / day
All utilities included
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 8 600 users
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Rychlá komunikace, kvalitní služby. Byli jsme spokojení.
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Petra L.
She enjoyed 7 months in Prague
Everything was fine.
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Zoltán R.
He enjoyed 13 days in Budapest
Convenient service.
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Aleksandr R.
He enjoyed 22 days in Porto
I have a lot of confidence in Flatio. Thank you for making the experience of renting a place for a month efficient and convenient.
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Laura M.
She enjoyed 1 month in Budapest
Really good, couldnt be better
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Aryan M.
He enjoyed 8 days in Prague
I will definetly come to flatio in the future. I really appreciated all the advice on how to prepare for arrival and departure.
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Ioana-Cosmina A.
She enjoyed 14 days in Lagos
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Jack K.
He enjoyed 28 days in Vila do Conde
I liked the site it was nice and easy to use. Sometimes the localization is a bit bad, especially the Hungarian expressions are translated weird, that can be improved but all in all, it was a good experience using it!
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Sándor V.
He enjoyed 2 months in Budapest
The service was really good. I´d never heard of Flatio until this occasion and everything went as planned.
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Heidi H.
She enjoyed 29 days in Lisbon
My friend and I were supposed to stay in this apartment from February untill June. Everything was perfect! The location, the apartment and the landlady (Martina) were very nice, we were very satisfied. If there was anything, we could always contact Martina and she would fix the problem. Unfortunatly the Corona virus meant that we had to return to our home country earlier than we would have liked. This was no problem at all with contracts or something. Martina helped us a lot with storing furnature and she even took us to the airport. Everything is awesom about this appartment, highly recommended!
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Arjan M.
He enjoyed 3 months in Prague
Great accommodation at a great price.
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Julie E.
She enjoyed 1 month in Vienna
Found Flatio to be considerably cheaper than Airbnb and other services! Felt safe during the entire process!
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Christopher P.
He enjoyed 7 days in Lisbon
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 8 600 users
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1 250  / 30 days
42  / day
All utilities included
2 100  / 30 days
70  / day
All utilities included
from  990  / 30 days
from  33  / day
All utilities included
from  2 250  / 30 days
from  75  / day
All utilities included
2 800  / 30 days
93  / day
All utilities included
3 200  / 30 days
107  / day
All utilities included
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from  1 200  / 30 days
from  40  / day
All utilities included
from  9 000  / 30 days
from  300  / day
All utilities included
900  / 30 days
30  / day
All utilities included