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Renting flats and rooms - Estoril

from  1 260  / 30 days
from  42  / night
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 3 900 user
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Just the 30 days cancelation period is too big. You can lower it to 10 days since this is not renting for long terms site.
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Deni P.
He enjoyed 1 month in Prague
My friend and I were supposed to stay in this apartment from February untill June. Everything was perfect! The location, the apartment and the landlady (Martina) were very nice, we were very satisfied. If there was anything, we could always contact Martina and she would fix the problem. Unfortunatly the Corona virus meant that we had to return to our home country earlier than we would have liked. This was no problem at all with contracts or something. Martina helped us a lot with storing furnature and she even took us to the airport. Everything is awesom about this appartment, highly recommended!
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Arjan M.
He enjoyed 3 months in Prague
very satisfied, resolved all my issues. Very helpful and assistance was always provided.
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Sadeeka A.
She enjoyed 25 days in Prague
Maybe a mop to clean the floors would be appreciated, besides that - it was great!
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Lenka D.
She enjoyed 17 days in Teplice
Flatio were present when we needed it (especially because of the Covid situation). Quick reply from them everytime. They make things work properly, we really appreciated.
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Capliez N.
She enjoyed 2 months in Prague
Flatio is very practical and every time I needed to contact the customer support, I was promptly answered with satisfcation.
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Raul, Flatio for Business
They enjoyed 1 month in Vienna
Compared with similar (and a lot bigger) plaforms, I consider the most important the security and garantee of finding a solution if something's wrong with your booking.
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Jose, Flatio for Business
They enjoyed 19 days in Bratislava
It was easy to rent an apartment without much bureaucracy (since the contract is available on the website and you can pay the rent through the website as well).
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Lais R.
She enjoyed 2 months in Prague
It’s fast and reliable
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Pascale C.
She enjoyed 1 month in Prague
Fast and prompt response
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Biljana M.
She enjoyed 29 days in Prague
A very convenient way to find a place to stay in another city.
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Oleg F.
He enjoyed 14 days in Warsaw
Very good and quick way to find accomodation in another city.
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Oleg F.
He enjoyed 1 month in Warsaw
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 3 900 user
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460  / 30 days
15  / night
1 150  / 30 days
38  / night
1 300  / 30 days
43  / night
2 100  / 30 days
70  / night
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500  / 30 days
17  / night
500  / 30 days
17  / night
2 500  / 30 days
83  / night
Why Flatio?
Read the lease agreement in advance
You can read the text of the lease agreement before making a reservation request at every offer. Take a moment to read it, we wrote it out as easily as possible.
2 000  / 30 days
67  / night
1 500  / 30 days
50  / night
1 250  / 30 days
42  / night
550  / 30 days
18  / night