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Veronika R.

We are looking for a longterm rent

My name is Veronika and I am looking for temporary accommodation with my partner Katri. I am Czech and I am moving to Prague because of work and Katri who is working there in the restaurant business. His father is Egyptian, his mother British and his mother tongue is English. He has been living in the Czech Republic for sixteen months now and he can understand Czech very well. We have been together since last August and we are planning our future life together now.

We are a young, nice and calm couple. We do not have any pets. We would be really happy if we could find a lovely flat for our first month in Prague.

What we are looking for

As I already mentioned, we are looking for a temporary home which will allow us to spend more time looking for our long-term rent. All the tours, the paper work and other necessities when renting a flat are exhausting and time-demanding. I cannot imagine travelling to Prague every day. Having a place to stay for the first month will be much more comfortable. My partner shares a small flat with a housemate but we want space just for the two of us.

Because we want to rent the flat just for one month, we want it to be completely furnished.

The flat we have chosen

We liked many flats and it was hard to choose the right one. One of the most important factors was the price. We did not want to spend too much on it because finding a long-term rent is very demanding when you consider all the money for deposits and brokerage fees. In the end we have chosen a smaller but very nice 1+kitchenette flat in the second floor in Prague 9. We cannot wait to move in.

We like how specious and light it is. For example we do not have to bump into each other when taking our shoes off in the hall. In the morning I appreciate the near-by tram stop. We are really excited about it.

How it all turned out in the end

We have successfully found the long-term rental we were looking for and now we are furnishing it just as we want it. We thank Flatio for our wonderful first month together. It made the apartment hunting much easier.

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