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Together we are changing the lease market

We have the best ideas and we are not afraid to use them

We love what we do. We do what we love!

We are a team of young people and just like you we like simplicity and speed. That's why we have created Flatio, our child that's growing like a weed. We deal with medium-term accommodation that didn't really exist on the Czech market before. So if you are looking for an apartment for a few months, Flatio is the right choice for you.

When you say Flatio...

Flatio's the fate to which we bow, Flatio's the fate to which we bow
Flatio's all we didn't have till now
Flatio's a beautiful child thereof
Flatio's our first and final love.

Flatio keywords

"While searching for my own home I discovered how difficult it is to find something and not get cheated."

Radim Rezek

CEO Flatio

Once upon a time

Key points of Flatio's history

August 2015

Online rentals gain their own identity

November 2016

Flatio and Enern have decided to pull together

January 2016

And here goes! .com/.cz/.sk/.ru

May 2016

We are changing the game of mid-term rentals.

September 2016

250 Verified flats for a few-month-long rentals

November 2016

Flatio is heading to Vienna and Bratislava

January 2017

The future is here. Tours in virtual reality

February 2017

Incomming Venture and Flatio are on the same boat now!

April 2017

Flatio for Business is growing successfully

June 2017

We co-founded an association for a shared economy

July 2017

New offer of housing in Ostrava is at Flatio

August 2017

Flatio conquers Berlin

September 2017

Flatio opens in Warsaw

October 2017

Flatio begins to operate in Budapest