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Pedro J.
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About me
I first started in tourism five years ago when I fell in love with Sagres. I found some very old little houses that needed rehabilitation and I began rebuilding it according to the trace of the village. I consider myself as an entrepreneur but I am a very lay back person and I love what I do. This apartment has been on short-term lease for 3 years. This year is the first in the medium-term lease. I am available for any questions.
Your hobbies
I love traveling and I am fond on biking and hiking and in Sagres there are many beautiful trails to explore, many of them by the deep blue ocean. Every opportunity I get I go to one of the 4 beaches in Sagres, with white sand. The history of Sagres is so very interesting and has so many details that I find myself learning more about it because I have a close relationship to the village, my wife was born here. I can recommend the best activities and help you have a great stay in Sagres, whatever the purpose of your visit.

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November 2020

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