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Help Center Help for tenants Coronavirus vs. Flatio Cancellation policy in case of COVID-19 restrictions
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Cancellation policy in case of COVID-19 restrictions

Due to the unclear future about the COVID-19 restrictions that differ worldwide and appear/disappear very frequently, we have decided to specify the practical application of cancellation policy in case of COVID-19 restrictions (so-called "COVID cancellation policy"). The standard Flatio cancellation policy remains valid and it is up to you which procedure (standard or COVID) you choose according to your current situation.

5th February 2021: New rules apply both to arrivals of foreign nationals and to the returns of Czech citizens and residents to the Czech Republic. Read more about it at Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

You are entitled to apply the COVID cancellation policy only if

  • the area (where the flat you rented is located) is in quarantine and you are restricted from entering this area
  • the country of your next stay is on lockdown and you are restricted from crossing the borders (you can't enter the country)
  • you are in a quarantine ordered by a state authority
  • the country of your actual stay went on lockdown and you are restricted from crossing the borders (you can't leave the country) 

All the situations described above must occur only after the signing of the lease agreement and the payment of the first lease (including the service fee). If you are in the process of signing the lease agreement and any of these situations have already been happening, you are not entitled to proceed according to the COVID cancellation policy.

The use of COVID cancellation policy must be proved by affidavit (download here). You must then deliver this affidavit to the landlord through Flatio messaging system.

In all other circumstances, only the standard cancellation policy can be used.

The service fee

The service fee in the case of COVID cancellation conditions will be fully refunded in the form of a voucher for Flatio services in the next 5 working days of the cancellation. The voucher can be used for the next 2 years by you or anyone else from your relatives/friends.

The first rent

According to the fact, the lease agreement with the landlord is still valid even at the time of COVID restrictions, but (due to force majeure) you cannot move in on the agreed date, the first rent will be securely stored in the Flatio's special bank account until:

  • the circumstances will pass and you will be able to move in. For the time period you couldn't use the flat you will be charged no rent and the payment calendar will be updated starting the new date of move-in. The date of move out won't be affected until you will agree on the change with the landlord.
    • The first rent will be sent to the landlord after you really move-in.
  • the lease agreement will expire while the circumstances still occur (so you are not able to move in due to force majeure).
    • The first rent will be fully refunded to your bank account in the next 30 working days after the end of the lease agreement.
  • you and the landlord will decide to terminate the agreement under the conditions you both will agree (termination of the lease agreement by mutual agreement)
    • The first rent will be distributed according to the agreement you and landlord made in next 45 working days after the termination of the lease agreement. Remember you can still cancel the agreement using the standard cancellation policy.
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